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allergy–friendly floors – Carpet


Flooring Type - Carpet

Carpet is attractive, comfortable to walk on, and, as an added perk, helps to hold mold, dust mites, pollen, animal dander and other airborne allergens in its pile rather than allowing them to circulate in the air. On the other hand, homeowners with allergies may find some carpet types have a tendency to aggravate their allergies due to VOCs released after installation and the potential for mold to grow in or under the carpet. To combat this problem, most all companies offer allergy friendly, mold and mildew resistant carpets, which provide a surface that can discourage these allergens from taking root. There are also "green" or eco–friendly carpet types made with fewer VOCs. This means cleaner indoor air during and after the carpet installation.

For potentially easier cleaning and maintenance, consider a low–pile carpet verses high–pile carpet.



Carpet Tips for an Allergy–Free Home