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Turkish for "rug".


Turkish for "rug merchant".


Hand hooked rugs, are made similar to how hand tufted rugs are except that they have a short, looped pile and usually have a light–weight mesh backing. Hand hooked rugs that are made using a petite–point hooking tool have a pile of very small loops that result in the appearance of fine embroidery.


To make a hand knotted area rug, a weaver has to tie each individual knot to the backing, making it truly a one of a kind piece. These rugs are usually made of wool or silk knotted around warps with cotton woven through to hold the knots in place. Because of the long amount of labor that goes into making a hand knotted rug, they are usually the most expensive rugs.

Hand-Made Area Rug

Hand–made area rugs are made by a skilled rug maker and can take a great deal of time to make, especially hand knotted area rugs. Besides being hand knotted, hand–made area rugs can also be hooked, looped, tufted, or flat woven.


A hand tufted rug takes much less time to make than a hand–knotted rug does because there are no knots that need tying. They also usually cost much less. To make a hand tufted area rug, a rug maker uses a "tufting gun" to push loops of yarn through the backing. Once finished, a scrim is applied to the backside with glue and then a canvas backing is usually attached to that. The rugs is then sheared (cut across the top) cutting the loops to create the pile which is the surface that you see and walk on.


Area rugs that have been woven by hand on a hand loom.

Hard Twist/Cut Pile

A durable pile with tightly twisted yarns that resists flattening. (See also Frieze.)

Herati Border

A rug design that features a centerpiece of a rose, often encased in a diamond shape that is surrounded by four leaves.


A Turkish city where intricate silk rugs are made. Hereke rugs feature the Persian Senneh knot.


City located near Iran where rugs were made with geometric medallions that are still popular today.

Hooked rug

Area rugs that are made by using a hook to push loops of yarns through a backing. (See also Hand–Hooked.)