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area rugs

area rug glossary

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A district located in southern Caucasus where many different designs of area rugs are woven. These designs include medallions, bouquets of roses, religious designs, and more.


A main trading central for quality rugs in Iran during the 17th and 18th centuries.


Area rugs made in the Islamic region of India with unique color and patterns. These rugs are usually made of silk or mercerized cotton and are hand–knotted with Persian knots.


Turkish style area rugs made in Kazakhstan.


A Southeastern Iranian city that is known for making area rugs with multiple medallions and floral motifs.


A double–sided, reversible, flat–woven area rug that is usually woven with wool. Kilims are like dhurries but more tightly woven.

Knot (Area Rug)

Pieces of fiber that are knotted on a warp to make area rugs. The two most common knots are the Persian and the Turkish knot.

Knot Count

Knot count or knots per square inch measures the number of knots in one square inch of an area rug. This can range from 40 – 2,000.

Knotted Pile

A method of weaving used to make area rugs that involves wrapping pieces of yarn around warps and tying each piece in a knot to create the pile.

Kufic Script

A decorative style of calligraphy sometimes used in area rug design.