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Edge Sander/Edger

Small hand sander that sands the areas close to the wall, around pipes, and all other obstacles that are missed by a drum sander.


Salt deposits that form on the surface of concrete when sodium calcium hydroxide mixes with carbon dioxide.


The act of cutting patterns or designs into concrete or other hard surface flooring. Often used to create the appearance of grout lines.

Epoxy Injection

The process of repairing cracks in concrete by injecting an epoxy adhesive.

Epoxy Resins

An organic bonding agent that's used to fill concrete cracks, bind epoxy mortars and prepare finishing coats.

Epoxy Terrazzo

A 1/4"-3/8" layer containing epoxy resin poured over concrete flooring that is often colored or seeded while wet.

Etching Gel

A gel that is applied to a concrete surface which gently etches the surface. It is often used with stencils or painted on with a brush.

Evaporation Retarder

A spray film that's applied to concrete to help minimize temporary moisture loss.

Expanded Metal Lathe

A metal mesh often used to give structural durability to sculptures, vertical stamped concrete, and other structures.

Exposed Aggregate

Color rocks or other aggregates that are exposed on the surface of concrete, generally by using abrasive materials or a pressure washer to remove the surface mortar.