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Green Flooring – Concrete floors

Concrete Flooring

Green Flooring - Concrete

On the green–er side of concrete, it's often made and sourced locally, can last for a long time (which can help minimize waste), has a thermally stable surface, and can be recycled. On the other hand, the sourcing and manufacturing of the materials demands an enormous amount of energy. There is also speculation that only 5 percent of total concrete made is actually recycled. On the whole, concrete is not very green until it's installed.

Concrete is generally manufactured locally, can be made from recycled materials, and can outlast most floor types on the market (when properly cared for). Compared to hardwood and carpet, concrete flooring is believed to be more energy efficient as it has a thermally stable surface. In other words, it's slow to cool off and heat up.



Green Flooring Tips – Concrete

*Melamine resin is an organic substance that's commonly associated with eye and skin irritation, kidney stones, reproductive problems, cancer and even death. These symptoms can occur as a result of contact with melamine through inhalation or ingestion.