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Installing Floating Lineoleum Floors

How to Install

Download Linoleum Flooring Installation Instructions | PDF's
PDF icon for PDF fileQuick Guide on How–to–Install Linoleum Floors – 300kb pdf | Our short installation guide for those with DIY experience.
PDF icon for PDF fileFull Guide – Complete DIY Installation Instructions on Installing Linoleum Flooring – 1.0 mb pdf | Our full set installation instructions.

Linoleum Buying Guide Sections
Floating linoleum is installed much like a laminate floor. You will be laying out the linoleum then locking panels together. During the process, keep the following things in mind:

  • Always leave the correct expansion perimeter as recommended by your flooring manufacturer. If you are installing a large floor, leave the correct expansion joints.
  • Stagger all end joints at least 12".
  • Use linoleum from multiple boxes throughout your floor to mix color variations between boxes.
  • Always cut into the face of the linoleum to avoid chips when cutting by hand. When using a power saw, cut into the side of the panel.
  • Never install floating linoleum floors in wet areas with sump pumps or floor drains.

Install The First Row

Take extra time when installing the first row of floating linoleum. The row must be straight even if the walls are not.

  1. Along the longest wall, measure out your expansion spacing in at least two places and snap a chalk line.
  2. Lay out the linoleum panels end to end but do not lock together yet. Scribe fit (if necessary) so that the linoleum matches the contours of the wall. Add wedges between the linoleum and the wall.
  3. Once satisfied with the fit, click and lock the first row of linoleum together. There should be no space between locked panels.
  4. At the end of the wall, measure, cut and lock the last linoleum panel in place. Add a wedge at the end of the first row and evaluate the fit. Adjust where needed.

Install The Main Part Of The Floor

  1. Use a partial panel to start the second row.
  2. Click and lock the linoleum panels together as you did with the first row.
  3. Work your way across the floor until you reach the last row.

Install The Last Row

  1. Measure out your expansion spacing and snap a chalk line.
  2. Lay out the last row of linoleum. Scribe fit (if necessary) so that the panels match any contours in the wall.
  3. Once satisfied with the fit, click and lock each panel together with the rest of the floor. Evaluate the last row to ensure it is straight and level. Adjust where needed.

Your floating linoleum floor does not need any time to set. Once you lock the last panel into place, you can remove all wedges and begin using your new linoleum floor.

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