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Peach Pit Flooring -- Another "Green" Flooring Alternative

Friday September 26, 2008
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If you're looking to go "green" with your flooring there are plenty of options available. Bamboo and cork flooring are both incredibly popular right now. But what if you want to be a little more original? A man in South Africa has built a website and a business plan dedicated to flooring made of peach pits. Yes, you read that right. Peach pits.

According to his website - - the peach pits, (or pips as they are referred to in South Africa), are packed by hand onto a glued surface and then filled in with a silica sand and resin mixture. The floor is then sealed with a twin pack urethane to protect it. Because these floors are hand made, the design and color can be modified as you desire. While the presence of urethane and resin makes this flooring choice a little less green than others, the pits themselves are a very renewable resource, with new fruit every growing season. This is definitely an unusual flooring option and the end result will be a floor unlike almost any other.

Aside from the green properties of this flooring, it can also be a great conversation piece when you have guests over! And in case you were wondering how comfortable this floor will be, states that the sharp edges of the peach pits are ground off to expose their red hue and to make the floor comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

As with other "green" alternatives for your home, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of this flooring concept for yourself. For more information about this unique flooring, check out


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January 3 2018
I'm finding this site to be very helpful! Great site!
October 15 2008
Wow, who would've thought...peach pits floors!?
October 7 2008
Some people think of some pretty crazy ideas! It sounds like it would look cheesy, but I went to the site and these floors look amazing!
September 26 2008
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