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Bowron Sheepskin Rugs

Wednesday January 13, 2010
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Bowron is a company known for lambskin tanning with headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was founded by two brothers, George and William Bowron who immigrated to New Zealand in 1879. Both brothers were master tanners from Yorkshire, England and left with the intention of continuing their trade. They also harbored a burning ambition to start their own tannery in their new home. The Bowrons realized their dream in 1881 founding a fledgling company in Christchurch. Their company flourished as Christchurch grew and soon established a name for excellence in lambskin tanning, a tradition that endures today, a century later. Bowron today is credited with producing the finest sheepskin products in the world.

The Bowron brothers established a unique 42 step tanning method in the 1180’s. This has been improved upon over the years, but still remains the bedrock of the company’s manufacturing process. New Zealand offers the finest raw material in the world, partly because of its lush green pastoral farms and also because of the quality of the lambs it breeds. Nonetheless, Bowron imports raw material of only the finest quality from several other countries around the globe. It deals directly with suppliers thereby ensuring their rigid requirement standards are upheld and that manufacturing costs are kept to the minimum. With its stringently selected supply and with cutting edge technology, Bowron remains at the pinnacle of the sheepskin product’s industry.

Global demand dictates not only the finest sheepskins be produced, but also in large volumes to be delivered anywhere in the world on schedule. Bowron is able to meet these demands through its world class manufacturing facility operated by a top notch production team. Because it has become the hallmark in the industry, Bowron is the supply choice of retail and manufacturing brands the world over.

Bowron is an environmentally responsible company with a serious commitment to containment of natural resources and an awareness of pollution damage. This has been particularly challenging given that sheepskin manufacture traditionally has extracted a considerable cost from the environment in terms of heavy water and chemical pollutants. The Bowron laboratory has evolved a close loop technology which produces their top–of–the–line sheepskins with minimal inputs and a constantly reducing environmental impact. Bowron has to constantly keep above the challenges of customer expectations together with health, cost and safety standards. The company has been able to meet these demands and yet produce a cost effective product.

Bowrons produces its own range of lifestyle products which includes four series of rugs comprising several collections The Curly Zealamb rugs, for example, are crafted from hand–selected individual pelts joined together and translated into the finest quality shearling leather with uniquely textured patterns in silken wool. The company also produces a collection of fun rugs that suit children, sports people and others of all ages. Bowron rugs are available as single rugs or multiple skins. Separate pelts are expertly matched to form large area and sheepskin rugs. These rugs are most popularly used as floor coverings but also make spectacular throws or can be draped on seats or as bed cover adornments. If you are in the market for a sheepskin rug, Bowron’s produces the gold standard of these rugs.

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Great Post
as you describe about this company and very carefully use easy words that can understand easily without any problems it's amazing and these days neutral guys don't illustrate like this as you have done.
September 3 2015
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