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Best Areas of Your Home for Linoleum

Monday June 02, 2008
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The first area of homes that usually comes to mind when linoleum flooring is mentioned are kitchens. While linoleum is a popular choice for kitchen floors, it is also a good fit for many other household areas.

Here is a look different areas of your home and their compatibility with linoleum flooring:

  • Kitchens are at the heart of linoleum flooring – Kitchens receive some of the heaviest foot traffic of any area of a home. We cook in them, we pack lunches in them and we watch our children go to and fro getting snacks in them. That is one of the reasons that linoleum flooring is a great option for the kitchen.. Linoleum floors resist spills, they’re easy to clean and they can stand up to heavy foot traffic for years. Linoleum flooring is not heat resistant, so special attention should be given around stoves and ovens.
  • Foyers and entryways – Other good areas of your home that are ideal for linoleum floors are foyers and entryways. When you come in from the elements, you often bring with you rain, mud, dirt and other presents that are an enemy to carpet and wood. Linoleum floors welcome those challenges! Linoleum flooring also comes in many different patterns like wood and stone that can give a foyer or entryway an elegant look with added protection and durability.
  • Laundry rooms – No other areas of your home receive the kind of abuse that laundry room floors do. Dirty clothes are dumped on them, shoes are thrown on them, water is spilled on them and our laundry room floors are still supposed to keep right on smiling. That is why linoleum flooring is a great fit for your laundry room. Linoleum flooring is durable, it is water resistant and can be cleaned relatively easily after dirt, mud and soiled clothes take their toll.
  • Playrooms/recreation rooms – Because linoleum flooring is so resistant to heavy foot traffic and to dents and scrapes, children’s playrooms and recreation rooms are a perfect fit. Many homeowners are choosing linoleum floors for areas where toys will be dropped, balls will be hit and things will be spilled. Some styles of linoleum flooring are made to look just like wood, so they can make a playroom appear like the other rooms of your home. The only difference will be that you won’t cringe every time something is dropped on your linoleum floors.
  • Bathrooms – Linoleum is sometimes used in bathrooms because of its ability to resist moisture, but care must be used when this is done. Linoleum flooring must be protected with silicone caulk around the edges (especially around tubs, showers and toilets) to ensure that water and moisture do not reach the sub-floor. Linoleum floors can also be slippery when wet, so area rugs are a good bet if it is chosen for a bathroom.
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Linoleum Flooring and Sound
Thank you for your linoleum flooring question as it relates to sound. If your condo has those rules, it is likely that have sound properties that need to be met, and it is unlikely that placing linoleum directly on concrete will meet those guidelines. We agree, linoleum as a resilient floor will be quieter than hardwood or tile directly on concrete. If you dont want to go through the expense of sound abatement or installing a subfloor, you may want to consider cork flooring. Cork Floors are great sound deadening material and may meet the condo sound requirement without any further work being required. For information on cork flooring and its sound qualities, check out our cork flooring section in both the green and main websites. Contact to inquire about cork floor samples.
March 9 2009
In the condo we are purchasing, only carpet is allowed due to noise, unless one puts a sub-flooring first, which can be expensive. However, linoleum is probably not noisy like wood or ceramic tile. Our floor is concrete underneath the carpet. I'd like to put linoleum in the dining room, and maybe even the living room. What do you think if you've had experience with linoleum? I like that it is natural and "green". Thanks.
March 8 2009
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