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Pet Friendly Flooring and General Prevention

Thursday November 06, 2008
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Pets need to be pampered too. We can show you how to revamp your living space and make it a comfortable place for yourself and your pets.

A recent study conducted by The Humane Society shows that 5 out of every 10 households in the United States own at least one dog or cat. These figures account for almost 90 million cats and 73 million dogs presently considered family members in households across the country.

A pet can make life easier with their unconditional love and affection; it only makes sense that you would want to return the favor. There are many types of flooring that can stand up to pet traffic. Before you shop for flooring for your home, make sure that you take your animal's needs into consideration.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Hidden litter boxes
    Litter boxes can take up unnecessary space in your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom areas. Designate a separate spot such as the garage as your pet's personal space. Also consider keeping your pet's food and water in the garage or mudroom so that you don't have to worry about a spill ruining your floor.

  2. Storage rooms
    Do yourself a favor and put up some shelves for all of your pet's toys, snacks, and dog food. With a few handy shelves you'll have your home pet organized in no time.

  3. Disguise dog hair
    Much to their owner's dismay, dogs and cats shed continuously throughout the year. While you can't always stay on top of cleaning up the fur, you can choose flooring prints and fabrics which can help disguise it. Choose a non-toxic carpet or throw rug that matches the color of your pet's coat.

  4. Heated floors
    Thanks to innovators in the flooring industry, homeowners can now enjoy flooring that can be heated on demand. This type of under-floor heating, called radiant heat, can be used with tile, wood, stone, concrete, vinyl and even carpet. For ultra comfort, install under-floor heating in areas where your pet likes to relax.

  5. Flooring that can minimize pet damage
    With the exception of certain tiles and concrete, some of the most popular indoor surfaces can be worn down over time. Hardwood flooring in the right color and finish may help minimize the appearance of scratches from canine claws. Note that some hardwood floor types are more prone to pet wear and tear. Play it safe by purchasing a more durable hardwood floor type (such as Brazilian Walnut). High-end linoleum and laminate is also a good choice for pets, as spills and other messes can be easily cleaned up.


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You should learn how to write... or spellcheck. Thanks.
July 29 2011
hi im laura u see i have 3 dogs 2 girls 1 boy he pies on our entertament center and they all pee and it sinks into the ground too fast and well i sare a room with my sis and we made our mom take up the carpet bc of the dogs sadly tht was a bigger mastake then we thought they never got around to getting new flooring and the dogs just keepin goin to the batheroom there and weve moped and did prety much every thing we could try but it was also a very wrong idea to do bc now when we mop it the floor is still startin to rick wat should i do?
August 24 2009
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