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Removing Carpet Stains There's An App For That

Tuesday July 13, 2010
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As the largest carpet manufacturer in the world, Shaw wants to makes sure carpets look their best. Shaw has developed a new App that helps you tackle stubborn carpet stains. "Carpet stains can be one of the most frustrating cleaning projects for many homeowners," Kathy Young, Shaw’s creative director, said. "While consumers love the comfort and beauty that carpet brings to their homes, they dread the potential spills that can accompany an active lifestyle. By putting carpet cleaning information at their fingertips, our Carpet Stain Center app helps ease consumers’ minds about tackling spots should they occur."

Shaw offers stain and soil resistant carpet along with carpet cleaner with the R2X system. While no carpet is stain proof and accidents do happen, Shaw wanted to provide customers with a useful tool to help keep carpets looking their best. With the Shaw Floors Carpet Stain Center, customers will be able to access proper cleaning techniques quickly, reducing the time a spill has to sit. Busy families can find cleaning solutions for things like popsicles, glue, juice, tomato sauce, paint, furniture polish and the dreaded red wine. If you have spilled it, Shaw can help you. Shaw's Carpet Stain Center application provides recommended cleaning techniques for nearly 1,000 stains. Many of these techniques have been tested at Shaw's research facilities.

Look for the "Shaw Floors Carpet Stain Center" in the Apple® online App Store.

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