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Rubber and Foam Mats and Floors – Home Gyms to Child's Nursery

Tuesday March 24, 2009
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Who knew that the same rubber and foam floors and mats that are often used in home gyms are also an excellent choice for your child’s nursery, playroom, or daycare center? In fact, multi–purpose foam and rubber flooring and mats are a safe, healthy alternative for any room in your home including basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. From bright, vivid colors to wood grain designs, rubber and foam mats and floors work just about anywhere!

Overview of Rubber and Foam Mats and Floors
Interlocking tiles and rolls are just a
couple forms of rubber and foam flooringRubber and foam mats and floors are usually made of interlocking floor tiles that snap together like puzzle pieces to form larger mats and flooring. This interlocking type of floor makes rubber and foam flooring installation an easy do–it–yourself project. In addition to the interlocking tiles, rolled rubber and foam flooring is also available for wall–to–wall floor installations. Whether you are installing rolled rubber or foam flooring versus interlocking mats, the seams are often taped on the backside (underneath) for added stability. In some cases where appropriate, foam and rubber flooring can be glued directly to the subfloor during the installation. For glue–down floor installations, a professional installer is recommended.

Rubber flooring and mats can be made from natural or synthetic rubber. For those that are allergic to latex, it is recommended that you choose synthetic rubber over natural for an allergy friendly floor. Foam flooring and mats are made of high–density Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam which is also latex-free, on top of being lead–free, PVC–free and non-toxic, making them an automatic allergy friendly flooring choice.

Rubber and foam mats and floors are oil and chemical resistant, shock absorbent, waterproof, easy to clean and can even add additional insulation to your home. In addition, both rubber flooring and EVA foam flooring are slip–resistant making them not only kid and allergy friendly, but also disability friendly flooring choices for those that use canes, walkers, or crutches.

Foam and Rubber Home Gym Floors and Mats
Rubber flooring is vary popular for use in home
gymsOne of the most popular uses of foam and rubber mats and floors is in home gyms and exercise rooms. When it comes to foam and rubber flooring mats for your home gym, there are a variety of different choices available. Foam and rubber home gym mats fall under a number of different categories including exercise flooring, personal fitness mats, yoga mats, martial arts flooring, safety mats, and many more. It’s best to choose the foam or rubber mat or all–over flooring that has been tailored to fit your preferred workout for best results. For example, thick, cushiony, martial arts flooring should not be used for dance workouts and vice versa. For more information about foam and rubber home gym floors and mats, check out FindAnyFloor's blog on Home Gym Flooring and Exercise Mats.

Kid Friendly Foam and Rubber Floors and Mats
Rubber tiles and mats are a great floor covering
for kids RoomsWhen it comes to kid friendly foam and rubber flooring mats, you will also find an expansive selection to choose from. Kid friendly rubber and foam flooring comes in bright vivid colors. Incorporating bight vivid colors into your child’s surrounding has been shown to promote brain activity and health. In addition, kid play mats can be found in colorful interlocking puzzle tiles that fit together to forum shapes, numbers, or letters to help your child learn as they play. Some foam and rubber flooring companies also offer reversible interlocking tile mats and custom–made designs. To learn more, check out our information on Foam and Rubber Mats for Nursery, Playroom, or Daycare.

Whether you choose foam or rubber flooring, or even mats, you can have a lot of fun with the variety of different textures, designs, colors, thicknesses, and densities. With so many choices available, you can find the right foam or rubber flooring to use as a healthy and safe alternative for your home, be it in a home gym, nursery, playroom, or even outside in some cases around a children's play area. For more information or help on finding rubber and foam flooring in your area or on the internet, use our Chat Live feature at the top of every page of this website to chat with one of our rubber and foam flooring pros.

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Eco-friendly & Odorless Foam mat
Because most of foam mats are made of EVA foam . The eva foam are odor . When produce adding some eco-friendly additive . The odor will be less . Would u like the natural eco-friendly and odorless foam mat withot any additive . Eco-friendly & Odorless Foam mat at , more details and questions , pls feel free to contact me . Thanks ! Simon
June 3 2014
Chemicals in foam mats?
I am on here trying to figure out the same thing because I just noticed that the base boards in our playroom are stained from what looks like it could be be chemicals from either the foam play mats or the carpet underneath. Ever heard of this?
November 22 2010
Gas from Foam Mats
Foam interlocking tile mats exude gas and/or chemicals. I have purchased foam mats that are bagged by the manufacturer and the same mats from a dept store which were unbagged. The mats from the dept store had no odor. When I removed the other mats from the bag the chemical odor was so strong I had to leave them outside in hot sunny weather for four days! Even walking around them made me nauseous, and I'm not allergic nor do I have respiratory problems. The chemical odor was incredible. So now I know why stores remove them from bags! I am trying to find out what the level of gas/chemicals is exuded after the obvious odor is diminished. Is it really safe for children to play on, especially infants that crawl close to the mats?
November 27 2009
affordable child mats and floors
i really like the mats with the numbers and the letters on them. What a wonderful floor for children that is easy to clean, safe, and affordable. These are perfect for spring to put out in the backyard where mine are. Even though the sun is fading my bright pink, red, blue, multicolored floor a bit it doesn't bother me because my kids are having fun with them. My mats don't look like the picture above... Im getting those asap. My kids will love them! thanks for the updates! Always helpful for busy moms.
April 21 2009
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