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Signature Sports Flooring

Wednesday November 18, 2009
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Signature Sports Flooring is a New York based company with offices in Maryland and California. The company specializes in attractive and suitable sports flooring and goes to great lengths to analyze a customer’s ideal requirement. Only after an on–site survey, which includes a moisture test, does it recommend a floor with a guarantee of a long and trouble–free lifetime. The last step to customer satisfaction is furnishing a mock–up sketch so the customer is clear about what is being supplied. Installation is carried out by the company’s flooring specialists for the best possible effect.

Signature Sports makes synthetic flooring to industry specifications for optimum athletic performance. It is committed to environmental awareness by using recycled or recyclable materials where feasible. The company is a one–stop source for any sports surface. Apart from sporting facilities, it has installed its flooring in schools, recreation centers, office buildings, personal residences and healthcare facilities.

A brief run–down on its products is as follows:

  1. SignaFlor™, a pad and pour five–layered system which is a cost–effective alternative – with equivalent quality and durability – to hardwood gym flooring. It is a seamless, shock absorbent athletic surface with the perfect coefficient of friction ideal for weight rooms, gym floors, locker, aerobics and multi–purpose rooms. The wear surface is renewable and the surface can be repaired. Signaflor is available in 12 surface colors and 7 line colors.
  2. SignaFlex™ is a rolled vinyl four–layered flooring product with a faux wood appearance that is easy to install and of low maintenance. It comes in 8 wood finishes and 10 solid colors. SignaFlex is perfect for locker and equipment rooms, yoga and aerobics studios, and common areas. The surface layer is of durable polyurethane with a built–in agent to inhibit bacterial proliferation. Its stability comes from a reinforced woven glass fiber layer.
  3. Signaflex Aqua™ and SignaFlex Aqua LR™ are wet area flooring where waterproofing, hygiene, slip–resistance and safety are required specifications. The difference between the two lies in the surface texture. LR is the popular choice of schools, healthcare facilities and daycare centers. They are available in 4 matching colors and 5 contrasting colors.
  4. RubberDeck is a durable floor able to withstand the force of dropped weights. This product is made from high–quality recycled rubber. It is available in rolls, interlocking puzzle tiles and 2’ x 2’ super tiles. Being made from recycled rubber, RubberDeck qualifies for LEED credits.
  5. SignaDeck is an ultra–tough premier rubber floor that is ideal for almost any location that calls for a hard wearing floor. It comes in a single or double layer depending on the toughness of use. Both are spike, slip, burn and chemical resistant as well as sound and shock absorbent. SignaDeck can be left as a floating floor or installed with adhesive to the sub floor. The product comes in tiles of 19.7" x 19.7" or 39.7" x 39.7".
  6. Tempotile is multi–purpose modular flooring suitable for a variety of application. The product is available in 12" x 12" tiles that snap together for ease of installation. They are ideal for a requirement of a temporary or permanent flooring. Tempotile is made in 4 different finishes.
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