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Tai Ping Carpets – High-End Wool Carpet Designer and Manufacturer

Sunday April 05, 2009
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Tai Ping LogoTai Ping is an international carpet designer and manufacturer of high–end carpets. Tai Ping was founded in Hong Kong in 1956. Since then, Tai Ping has expanded to over 100 countries worldwide on three different continents. Clientele of Tai Ping’s high–end carpets include fine residences, palaces, casinos, restaurants, airports, convention centers, hotel, and even high–end yachts and private jets.

Tai Ping Carpet Products

Tai Ping’s high–end carpets are a far cry from your ordinary residential or commercial carpets. Tai Ping’s innovative carpet designs are often considered to be works of art made by skilled artisans and carpet technicians using superior carpet materials. Tai Ping offers over 10,000 carpet designs to choose from in their Atelier and international Design Books, and release several new carpet collections each year in order to stay current with global fashion, art, and design trends. In addition, Tai Ping’s high–end carpets are commonly made with wool, which is a rapidly renewable resource, making many of Tai Ping’s Wool Carpets a “green” carpet choice.

An office environment with Tai Ping carpetingTai Ping signature carpet is their hand–tufted carpet collections. Tai Ping’s high end hand–tufted carpet is also hand–dyed and often hand–carved. Tai Ping also offers Axminister carpets with a single–woven construction made of a blend of wool and nylon. Tai Ping’s high–end Axminister carpets are their most durable carpets available and are great for high–traffic areas. Tai Ping also offers carpets that are pass–tufted. Tai Ping’s pass–tufted carpets offer the same custom carpet features as Tai Ping’s hand–tufted carpet, but they are made by a machine rather than by hand. In addition, Tai Ping designs and manufacturers carpet tiles made with 100% wool fibers, a rapidly renewable resource, and an eco–friendly carpet backing, making Tai Ping wool carpet tiles a green carpet solution.

Tai Ping Carpet Services

When it comes to customer service, Tai Ping goes the extra mile. Not only do they offer planning services to help you select your carpet design, measure your carpet installation area, and plan the installation, but Tai Ping will also arrange for removal at the end of your Tai Ping carpet’s lifetime. To learn more about Tai Ping’s high–end carpet designing and manufacturing, visit

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