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What Questions to Ask for Green Bathroom Remodeling

Friday September 04, 2009
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The building industry has taken a strong initiative in saving planet earth by promoting the use of "green" or eco–friendly building materials. Eco–friendly living has also picked up steam with consumers, so when people start remodeling their home, "going green" is paramount in their minds. It might be a small contribution, but it is a contribution nonetheless.

If you've decided to remodel your bathroom then what is it you should know about doing it in an eco–friendly manner? What are the questions you might ask to get the answers necessary to make informed decisions? A bathroom is an integral room in any home used by all. It might be a good idea to get a professional opinion to help make your bathroom greener.

What are the basic objectives of a green bathroom?

  • A new and comfortable bathroom with all conveniences
  • High energy efficiency
  • Greater use of eco–friendly renewable resources
  • Improved air quality

So what are the some of the questions you should ask a professional when remodeling your bathroom to be eco–friendly?

  1. When the old bathroom is dismantled can any of the material be salvaged for recycling or reuse?
  2. How far is my water heater located from the bathroom? Can it be brought closer to minimize heat losses? Can the insulation be improved for better heat retention?
  3. Can the water pipes be insulated to conserve heat?
  4. What is the water consumed every time the toilet is flushed? Would it help to replace it with a low–flow toilet?
  5. Could I consider a high–efficiency toilet replacement that is pressure-assisted for reduced water consumption?
  6. Can the bathroom faucets be replaced with low–flow units which use 60% less water for the same effect?
  7. Is the bathroom receiving the maximum amount of natural light or should I have a window put in?
  8. How much electricity would I save by replacing incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient Compact Fluorescent lights (CFL)?
  9. Is the ventilation adequate to preserve the quality of air?
  10. Which are the best materials to use for flooring, cabinets, countertops and other finishes? I do not want them to absorb moisture or encourage mold growth. And all materials must be low or VOC free with minimal toxins.
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