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First VS refused requests to speak of sexy clubwear for women
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Posted: April 14, 2014 10:24 PM

big stars, stick with their model (VS called Angel). VS angels stand out through a large selection of new supermodel activities worldwide, the supermodel itself is a selection of new eye-catching marketing events, on the one hand to attract the young sexy clubwear for women and beautiful hot body sexy female participation, on the other hand attract a large number of visitors come to enjoy the beauty and greatly increase brand exposure. By VS Angel selection of new and culture, most have become a supermodel, the world's top ten have 6 VS Angels before the suction gold female model for VS to establish sexy clubwear for women a very good image. Secondly, the annual VS will have a show in the "astronomical underwear" audience expectations and memorable, the most expensive is the 2005 "Dream bright sexy bra" worth $ 12.5 million, most recently a 2012 VS show, sexy postpartum Freaky angel Alessandra return

Ambrosio shows a year worth $ 2.5 million fantasy bra, dynamic floral pattern coupled sexy see through bodystockings with amethyst, ruby, sapphire and white, pink and yellow diamonds, encrusted 18 kt rose and gold, very luxurious and sexy. Fantasy Bra astronomical significance, not only to strengthen the minds of consumers VS top brand image, more Bo eye, evoking a larger audience expectations and discussion of the VS show. In addition, VS very able to grab the audience's spy psychological encourage just given birth "mother angels" who came to the catwalk. For example, the previously mentioned sexy see through bodystockings postpartum comeback Alexandra? Ambrosi even got to wear the bra-winning fantasy. Woman's body postpartum recovery, can be said to the audience of men and women enduring topic, especially those supermodel recovery is more noticeable. Meanwhile angels will want their own sculpting experience on social networking sites

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