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get a large audience attention costume sale
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Posted: April 14, 2014 10:35 PM

Peking University and Tsinghua University class president marketing expert Jack Liu teacher pointed out, VS event marketing force to an extreme, it can be said, the annual VS show, and it contains all the rallies, is to establish a solid foundation costume sale for VS lingerie empire become VS secret weapon in the industry come to the fore. three, channel integration, synergies between stores direct supplier of Posts and Telecommunications With accurate positioning and effective marketing tool, VS also benefited from the success of its strong channel support. VS sales channels, including chain stores, catalog direct mail and online retail three lines, each channel has its own unique features, but also to achieve the organic tie between the three, costume sale played an effective synergy. VS parent Limited Brands Group on channel strategies for large-scale replication VS taken under chain operations. In the power of capital, the chain's massive increase in the number of stores VS present, VS number of stores worldwide in 1000, although only a number

but the vast majority of which are located in the United States and Canadian markets, to focus on cats costumes sale the formation of these regional markets a comparative advantage. A large number of chain stores makes available highly VS products, consumers can very easily find a VS store purchase. Because of women's underwear consumer experience strong, physical stores total sales in VS has been occupying a large proportion of the share. In addition to a large number of chain stores, VS for a long time also using direct mail catalog sales. VS will publish an annual eight paper catalog manual, consumers can receive a free in the physical store, VS also by regular mail cataloging system, free shipping to the customer. Consumers can order cats costumes sale products or fax, complete the purchase process by credit card, check, cash on delivery and other means. This intimate setting brings convenience to customers, VS brings more customers and higher sales more. With the development of Internet technology, VS keep up the pace to break the success of online retail channels.

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Posted: October 24, 2014 8:26 AM

RE: get a large audience attention costume sale
Wow, thats really great that you get attenation from a large number of audience for the custome sale. May be because these custome will be of a high quality and on afforable prices.
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