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long underwear from female consumers cheap corsets dress underwe
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Posted: April 14, 2014 10:05 PM

get more of the product to meet the basic functional, beautiful underwear to get through the emotional and spiritual did not get to meet the demands attention. VS lingerie gives the appearance of female consumers beyond the functionality to meet the stage, cheap corsets dress let underwear for women to bring the spirit of joy becomes magical products. Consistent with its product positioning, VS product design is very bold and avant-garde design ideas full of sexy pursuit, such as the purple, red, black and other shades add sexy lingerie manufacturing, the increase in the gel filler and other locations in the lower edge of bodice in order to achieve the effect of lifting and gather, while in the details, VS will design super soft foam lining inside the cheap corsets dress bra, while enhancing the natural breast shape given, bras different breast shape will form the internal memory, users can also enjoy the natural to tailor results. It is worth mentioning that, VS was not included in the target customer group of young girls to further expand the market

because the young girls tend to buy more cute style underwear, but also in size and mature women are very different, so only for VS Pink launched a series of female students, the girl may be detrimental to the brand positioning market choice to give up, focus erotic teddies for women on creating a sexy brand. VS Victoria's Secret wants to fight the attitude of the brand as a symbol of life, which is closely related to its strategic positioning. Before VS, lingerie more just an ordinary everyday items, VS make underwear be given more rich content, put on a beautiful woman's underwear became part of enjoying the good life. Amy is a woman's nature, showcasing the instinct of self is a woman, fashion, sexy VS lingerie, perfectly embodies the pursuit of a beautiful erotic teddies for women woman, the love life of a positive attitude. In order to allow consumers to feel more full-VS is a part of their lives, the current VS has been extended from a variety of products such as bras and underwear to include sleepwear, casual clothing, swimwear, shoes, beauty products and gifts

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