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such as The new product varieties are teddy underwear
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Posted: April 14, 2014 10:10 PM

inherited VS consistent fashion sexy, reflect the full range of female customers seeking the most beautiful attitude towards life. fashionable sexy lingerie brand in today may have been nothing unusual, but in the early market, it is fashion swimwear very bold and unique positioning VS, VS correctly positioned so that consumers get quick warm welcome, in ten years time all the way to grow into North America's largest lingerie retailer. Second, event marketing, lingerie show rally to show off the brand influence In addition to the accurate positioning, VS's success is largely due to the success of the event marketing use. According to the teacher, Jack Liu original network marketing training course "Network Marketing combat - how small and medium fashion swimwear enterprises through Internet marketing strategies to achieve breakthrough" in the event marketing theory, the so-called event marketing is an enterprise initiative planning some events with their own development needs or occasion focus on social events, through the dissemination of the brand become a public concern hotspots marketing strategy

and whether it is proactive VS event marketing and event marketing are doing occasion type of fiery pure blue. For example, in 1999, VS model biggest tournament in the United States "Super Bowl" halftime in a creative way to the runway as the T station serves teddy underwear a hit since, attracting millions of people watch online, which is achieved through a successful event planning hype. Mention of the "Victoria's Secret" even though not bought their products, but also must know the crowd even had its annual Victoria's Secret show. Single rally and "Super Bowl" catwalk different, VS show from 1995 has continued ever since, becoming a long-term sustained marketing campaign rally, VS has become a well-designed and effective functioning of the teddy underwear marketing weapon. From 2002 onwards, VS achieved in 180 countries webcast through lingerie show in the world gathered from one billion fans. VS lingerie catwalk show is not a single activity, in this big rallies, also contains a number of secondary rallies.

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