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Many travelers seem to think that Flores attrtions
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Many travelers seem to think that Flores attrtions consist of nothing but exotic traditional villages and genuine culture from the one region to another region surprisingly enough Steve Yzerman Jersey , this tiny t... , ‘last houses', which feature a miniature human figure on the roof.Five is also the number of clans living in Belaraghi at present. Besides the buildings ntioned, the Belaraghi clans are also affiliated with another house type: the sao kaka. These houses are considered ‘children', the descendants of a clan's sao pu'u and sao lobo. So of the sao kaka is even located in other villages. The kaka inhabitants support their families in the sao pu'u and the sao lobo financially, materially, and with labor.At the bk of the village there is a ritual site with five bhaga-like houses called loka - one for eh clan. The loka fe the watu lanu, a construction consisting of an elevated stone court frad by ijuk-covered poles. This site is mainly used by the Belaraghi people for the ‘bui loka', a ceremony to initiate Reba, the Ngada-wide New Year festivities.To the Belaraghi people, visitors from abroad are guests, not tourists. Therefore, guests are traditionally weled with a ceremony called ti'i ka ebu nusi, which translates as ‘give food to the ancestors'. It is about introducing the guests to the host's ancestors, to ask for their blessings so tha.
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