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Womens Ryan Getzlaf Jersey[/url] , we found a Coo
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"We are not being sold Womens Ryan Getzlaf Jersey , we fo... , Merck and the case. Pharmaceutical giant's plight, and pharmaceutical R & D investment to reduce the opportunities and pressures also come CRO. Morgan Stanley, a study in 2008, CRO market size and growth of pharmaceutical R & D investment is not related to the U.S. market, from 2006 to 2010, CRO industry's growth rate is much higher than the growth rate of R & D investment. In the present, preclinical and clinical services, outsourcing, pharmaceutical companies, only 40% of all R & D investment, early development, only about 8%. Ge Li said that a great market space, but also more dispersed pattern, such as Section Vince, Charles River is a big organization in the U.S. market share of only ten per cent. "I and Charles River Jim (that JamesFoster) that the federation to change our services to the layout of the new drug development." Li Ge in the April 28 interview with our correspondents said. Since 2004, the company is the goal of integrated services proposed in order to improve the success rate of new drugs and shorten time to market new drugs. At WuXi PharmaTech's core management team, with a vice president of integrated services. Ge Li said: "In past years we have been committed to building capacity and scale to achieve such a goal." Now, with the merger of Charles River, can greatly shorten the implementation time. Before, the company is more than an attempt to merge or cooperate with peers. As in 2008, it is about 151 million U.S. dollars to buy U.S. AppTec Laboratory Services (AppTecLaboratoryServiceInc.), cut into the bio-pharmaceutical and medical equipment services, and expand the territory of the U.S. market. Year, the company is also intended with another U.S. company, Scientific and Cultural Williams (Covance) by the 50% stake in the joint venture plant in S.
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