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allergy–friendly floors – laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring

Flooring Type - Laminate

Laminate floors are able to imitate the look of other types of flooring like stone and hardwood at a fraction of the cost of those materials. To keep your laminate floors allergy friendly, make sure you choose laminate flooring with low VOCs* and formaldehyde–free adhesives. Formaldehyde is classified as a carcinogen and is linked to asthma symptoms as well as an increased risk of cancer. Products that emit harmless levels of formaldehyde generally meet or exceed the widely recognized E1 standard (European regulation for formaldehyde and VOC content).

*VOCs are carbon-based chemical compounds that can be found in certain floors and floor materials. VOCs are commonly associated with allergy-like symptoms and even believed to increase cancer risk.


  • Smooth surface less likely to harbor dust and other allergens


  • Adhesives used in laminate floor production may contain formaldehyde (exposure to formaldehyde is believed to aggravate allergies and other respiratory problems)

Laminate Flooring Tips for an Allergy–Free Home

  • Clean frequently to reduce the amount of allergens on the surface
  • Use an underlayment such as cork or foam rubber to reduce moisture transfer and minimize the chance of mold growth