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allergy–friendly floors – stone flooring

Stone Flooring

Flooring Type - Stone

Stone floors come in several different varieties, some which are more allergy friendly than others. If you're looking for allergy–friendly stone flooring, look for less porous types of stone such as smooth flagstone, marble or granite. When in doubt, choose a smooth stone floor over a textured stone floor, as smooth surfaces offer fewer areas where allergens can settle.


  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Moisture resistant when properly sealed


  • Some types of stone flooring have porous surfaces which may retain liquid and debris

Stone Flooring Tips for an Allergy–Free Home

  • Tightly seal grout lines when installing stone floor tiles to help protect the surface from staining and make cleaning easier
  • Even when stone floors are properly sealed, make sure you clean up spills right after they occur
  • Clean frequently with an antibacterial, microfiber mop to reduce allergens (can be purchased in most hardware stores)
  • Use as little cleaning solution as possible. Excessive amounts may cause residue to build up on the floor surface
  • Use an underlayment such as cork or foam rubber to reduce moisture transfer and prevent the possibility of mold growth