Carpet Stains: When in Doubt, Blot it Out!

Monday June 02, 2008
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Unless you keep plastic over every inch of your carpet, they are bound to see the evil S’s – spots, spills and stains. No one wants to live with plastic-covered carpet, so facing the task of removing a spot or stain is inevitable.

Spills don’t have to mean the end to your beautiful carpets. With proper action, even the worst of the evil S’s can be wiped out. Your carpet can look almost as good as if you did have them covered in plastic.

Here are some tips to keep your carpeting looking spot-free for years to come:

  • Time can be your ally or your enemy – No matter what the spill or stain is, time is of the essence! The sooner you act, the better the chance of completely getting the stain out of the carpet. For liquid spills, always blot them out with a clean white cloth or towel. Try rinsing with warm water once you have adequately blotted the spot. Rubbing can often set the stain or spill more permanently.
  • Vinegar can be your friend – For many spills with coffee and other dark liquids, vinegar can be helpful in preventing a permanent stain on your carpet. After blotting the spill with a towel and water, mix a solution of quarter cup vinegar and three-quarters of a cup of water. Pour the vinegar solution over the stain and then blot it to remove the moisture from the carpet.
  • Dish soap isn’t just for dishes anymore – Standard dish soap that you have on your sink can work on your carpet, too! For spills like juices, dish soap can be used after the blotting with a cloth and water has been done. Mix half a teaspoon of dish soap with a quart of water and pour it over the carpet stain. Blot the soap mixture until the stain is removed from the carpeting. Rinse the area with water to make sure you have removed all of the soap.
  • Ammonia is best for dark stains – Heaven forbid that someone should bleed on your carpets, but in case it happens, there is hope. For severe stains and spills like blood, ketchup and wine, you can use one tablespoon of ammonia with three-quarters of a cup of water. With the ammonia mixture, you don’t want to pour it on the carpet. It is best to spray it from a bottle and then blot it like with the other treatments. Hydrogen peroxide can also be poured on severe stains to help get them out of the carpet.
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Good Tips
Remember to never mix chemicals stronger than what is recommended. Especially Ammonia, which can easily cause color lose in the fiber. Be sure to always rinse throughly which by the way the author did mention clearly. Club Soda is a great rinsing agent and when using ammonia, vinegar does very well in neutralizing the ammonia. Dif. Will Link to you on my blog. Thanks!
January 26 2012
Use Caution with Soap!
Although the author states that dishsoap can help in getting out spills, it's important to know that soap can and will act as a dirt magnet if it is not completely removed from the carpet. Because that can be difficult to do, I would never recommend using soap or detergent of any kind on carpet... you may end up with a dingy, dirty spot where the spill occured. Take caution!
August 27 2009
Ammonia works great for carpet stains!
I use ammonia all the time for my wine spills on my carpet.I'm really not a drunk but I am the hostess with the mostest. I love entertaining.. I use ammonia on my carpet stains all the time. It is a sure fire way to get the stain out. My only carpet stain removal trick is already obvious, make sure to blot the carpet as soon as possible, do not wait until the next day to get the stain out of the carpet. You may not be able to get it out if the wine sits too long on WHITE carpet.
April 8 2009
how do you get dried water stains out of capeting???? please advise
November 1 2008
Great article!
I agree - vinegar is great for coffee stains. Great article. Thank!
August 25 2008
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