Repairing a Section of Your Hardwood Flooring

Monday June 02, 2008
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No matter how careful you are and how well you maintain your hardwood floors, accidents are bound to happen. Damage can come from kids, pets, or the simple wear and tear resulting from daily use.

What is the best way to bring back the luster to your damaged hardwood floor? How can you repair one section of hardwood flooring without damaging adjacent areas? How can you make repairs to your hardwood floors in the quickest and most efficient way?

Follow these guides and your hardwood floor will be looking like new again in no time:

  • Assess the damage – If a plank or section of your hardwood floor is damaged, first assess the area to determine whether it can be sanded and refinished or whether it needs to be replaced. Oftentimes a piece or section of your hardwood floor can be sanded, filled in with wood putty and then refinished to bring back that new-floor look.
  • Replacing a plank or section – If you are removing an entire plank, you can do so with a hammer and a wood chisel. If you have to remove a small piece of a plank, this involves marking the section of wood flooring that needs to be removed. You then need to drill holes along the edge of the damaged section so you can user a hammer and wood chisel to split the section. Once you pry out the damaged section, you need to cut a replacement piece. Test fit the replacement strip to make sure it fits and then apply adhesive to the back of it and then tap it into place. The replacement wood floor piece can then be nailed into place.
  • Repairing buckled hardwood floors – If you have a piece of hardwood flooring that is buckled because of humidity or water damage, it must be repaired to prevent further damage to your floor. Note that repairing a buckled piece of hardwood may not be an easy task. A heavy weight must be placed on the buckled section of flooring so that it will push it back down into place. Then the floor must be accessed from below so that screws (preferably at least 1/1-4 inch in length) can be inserted from below to pull the buckled flooring back into place.
  • Removing stains and spots – Stains and spots are a wood floor’s worst enemies. Sanding the stained flooring isn’t the issue. It is matching the finish that is the biggest challenge. The best bet for matching your wood floor’s finish is by getting help at the paint department at your home improvement retailer to get a mix of oxalic acid crystals to remove the stain. Once you have this, soak a white towel or cloth in the mixture and press it on the stained area and let it set for 30 minutes to an hour. If the stain has not been bleached away, repeat this process. Once the stain has been removed, then you need to apply a matching stain and a topcoat finish to the section of hardwood floor.
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Timbermate Waxstix are the best thing to repair scratches in a hardwood floor. I saw these demonstrated at a trade show and they are now the only thing I use. GREAT product to repair hardwood flooring scratches!
September 5 2009
To the blogger: the hardest wood on earth is Ipe- Brazilian Walnut hardwood. Its the most durable floor on earth. But to find a good floor and its scale on the hardness chart use the Janka hardness Chart. They have one online here. Maybe a different type of flooring would be good for you, something at a decent price yet durable at the same time! Wish you good luck with your flooring search! Look for pet friendly floors, maybe even carpet- something that is high traffic friendly to not wear it out too fast.
April 14 2009
A good replacement for hardwood flooring is vinyl.If you're looking for anything better than the scratches in your hardwood flooring now I would recommend vinyl floors because they aren't as expensive and they can imitate almost any type of flooring now a days- so you can still have the hardwood look in your home. So with that Laminate floors also tend to be durable with heavy foot traffic. I would also suggest laying some area rugs down so your kids don't slip and fall. Make sure these rugs do not have rubber backing on them... that could stain your vinyl-and the stain wont come out. So be aware of what you put on the floor.
April 8 2009
I have fairly durable hardwood floors in my home but i have two kids and two pets. I need a floor that is literally the hardest wood floor type. I installed new hardwood floors in my kitchen, living room, dining room, and family room. They are once again scratched and I can't afford another set of hardwood... any suggestions?
March 27 2009
Good Read!
Many good points in this article. Good read!
August 26 2008
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