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Bamboo Buying Guide Installation Questions

Now that you have purchased or are about to purchase bamboo flooring, have you thought about how the floor will be installed? You have two bamboo floor installation choices: hire a licensed flooring professional or do it yourself. Reviewing the installation questions in this section will help you determine if you want to do the bamboo floor installation yourself or hire a professional.

Need help finding a professional? Use our Find It Locally search directory at the top of this page to locate an installer in or near your zip code. We provide those wanting a do–it–yourself project with a FREE comprehensive Bamboo Installation Guide and our companion site,™ has great bamboo floor installation videos to compliment the installation instructions. Our Bamboo Install Guide was written by licensed bamboo flooring installation professionals to assist other professionals as well as homeowners during the installation process. For your convenience we have made the do it yourself installation guide available to print.

The decision of hiring a professional installer or doing–it–yourself (DIY) ultimately comes down to budget, time and self–discipline. See for yourself by reviewing the installation questions below.

Bamboo Buying Guide Sections

Use a Professional Bamboo Flooring Installer or "Do–It–Yourself"?

Use our print–friendly list of questions as a guide when consulting professional installers for estimates or when undertaking the bamboo installation yourself. Our Installation Questions checklist addresses important matters such as:

  • Does the professional installer offer a warranty & what does it cover?
  • Has the installer done a project similar to yours before?
  • Do you have a level subfloor? If not, a leveling compound can be purchased to achieve a level surface.
  • Have you checked the moisture content of the subfloor and the new flooring prior to installation? Don't know what this is? Refer to our Bamboo DIY Installation Guide for help.

To get connected to a flooring professional in your area, go to our Find It Locally search engine located on the homepage.

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Helpful Bamboo Floor Installation Definitions

Different types of flooring installation:

  • Glue–down: Flooring adhesive is spread onto the subfloor at which time the bamboo flooring is applied.
  • Float: The floating method of installation means that the bamboo floor is not attached by glue or fasteners to the sub–floor below; it simply sits atop the subfloor. Most bamboo floors that are "floated" are engineered floors.
  • Staple or Nail–down: In this application, bamboo flooring is nailed down onto the sub–floor with flooring nails (called cleats) or flooring staples using special nailing equipment.
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Install Preparation Tips for Bamboo Flooring

Planning: Regardless of whether you hire a professional or do–it–yourself (DIY), there are steps prior to installation that must be taken. First things first: the removal of all furniture, appliances, and area rugs. Protect your furniture from dust and installation debris by designating a secluded spot for these items until installation is complete. Also determine where you plan on storing the shipment of bamboo once it arrives.

Time: Before purchasing bamboo materials, take the time to research bamboo floor types, styles, and options. Before installation of bamboo flooring can begin, make sure you allow the floors to acclimate (adjust) to your environment. Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines or your local flooring retailer to find out the proper acclimation period. Always allow more time for a do–it–yourself project.

NOTE: Bamboo flooring must acclimate to the humidity levels in your home. While finished bamboo needs to acclimate before being installed, unfinished bamboo needs to go through two acclimations processes. Unfinished bamboo should acclimate before being installed as well as a shorter acclimation period between installation and sanding and finishing.

Full Project Budgeting: Use our financing chart to keep track of your bamboo floor budget. This chart will help you to ensure that you've accounted for the cost of all of the necessary products and materials. Like any major project, financial budgeting is a good idea to ensure you can complete the project within your budget.

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