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Choosing the ideal carpet style and construction for your home is important, but so is choosing the right type of padding. This section offers details on the different types of carpet padding available, but be sure to check with the manufacturer for recommendations on your specific carpeting selection.

Carpet Accessories

Carpet Padding

Padding is the most essential accessory in carpet flooring because it enhances the performance of the carpet. Each carpet manufacturer will recommend the appropriate padding for each type of carpet. Be sure to follow these guidelines as failing to do so might void your carpet's warranty.

The proper carpet padding will:

  • Absorb the pressure of foot traffic.
  • Reduce household noise.
  • Provide additional insulation.
  • Prevent buckling or wrinkling of the carpet.
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Types of Padding

Carpet padding comes in various thicknesses and densities and is rated by the cubic yard. For instance, a 6lb pad would weigh 6lbs per cubic yard, a 9lb would weigh 9lbs per cubic yard and so on. The higher the density rating, the more expensive it is. After 12lbs per cubic yard, the price increases dramatically with each fractional increase in density. Most carpets will not require anything more than 12lb padding.

Waffle Rubber

Like the name illustrates, waffle rubber padding contains a texture that allows air pockets to cushion the carpet.

Urethane Foam

This type of padding is available in various densities and thicknesses, which can make a difference in its performance. Generally, denser Urethane Foam (sometimes called prime foam padding) can provide better cushioning, but can still wear quickly with heavy traffic.

Rebond/ Bonded Urethane

As the most commonly used padding, rebond padding is made from reclaimed scraps of high density foam.

Flat Rubber/ Slab Rubber

Known for its durable properties, flat rubber padding does not contain air pockets for cushioning. It endures high traffic and handles the pressure from furniture weight longer than other paddings.

Fiber Cushion

Fiber padding can be made from synthetic fiber, recycled fiber, jute, or a mixture of hair and jute.

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