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Carpet Buying & Pricing Guide

With so many carpet choices, you will definitely encounter a wide range of prices when you're ready to purchase. We want to help you understand what goes into carpet pricing so you are better prepared to discuss options with your retail sales associate.

Carpet Flooring Stores


Generally, a denser or more styled carpet construction is more expensive. For example the tufting process to create a denser pile carpet or evenly twisted pile requires more time to manufacture and results in a higher price point.


If you choose a carpet where the warranty offers more coverage or a longer length of time product guarantee, whether it is for stain resistance or durability, you can expect to pay a little more.

Brand/ Label/ Manufacturer

Specific carpet manufacturers may have a strong reputation in the flooring industry with great product marketing. Those manufacturers may charge slightly higher prices due to brand loyalty or higher–end marketing. More reviews may also be available from well–known manufacturers because of a higher percentage of usage in the carpet flooring industry compared to lesser known brands. However, all of this doesn't indicate that lesser–known brands offer a lesser product. In some cases the lesser known brand may offer the same quality.

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