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Cork Flooring Buying & Pricing Guide

Once you're ready to purchase cork flooring, prepare yourself to choose materials within your budget by learning about the factors that affect the price of cork. Overall, the quality of the flooring will determine how much it will cost.


Large pieces of cork with distinctive patterns are sometimes used in cork flooring, creating a one–of–a–kind look. This particular kind of cork flooring is unusual and therefore more expensive.


Larger planks and tiles equal a larger price tag.

Origination of Cork Material

Cork trees from different regions of the world have slight variations in their bark, producing unique cork from each country. For example, the bark of a Chinese Cork oak tree is thinner and denser than that of bark from a Mediterranean tree. When shopping for your cork flooring, be aware of which country your cork is derived from as cork made from thinner bark will have less insulating properties.

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