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Laminate Buying Guide Installation Questions

Laminate flooring can be relatively easy to install. There are various factors to take into account; time, budget and determination are just a few. While it may be more cost–effective to install your own laminate flooring, perhaps you would rather spend your time doing more enjoyable things.

The following section has questions that can help you resolve the matter of whether you want to hire a professional or do–it–yourself (DIY). By addressing each of the questions listed, you'll be able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide the best course of action for your laminate flooring project.

Our DIY Laminate Installation Guide provides step–by–step instructions (in print–friendly format) for those who want to do the installation on their own. To find a professional installer in your area, use our Find It Locally search directory located on the homepage.


Use our printable list of questions as a guide when consulting professional installers for estimates or when undertaking the laminate installation yourself. Our Installation Questions checklist addresses important matters such as:

  • Does the professional installer offer a warranty & what does it cover?
  • Has the installer done a project similar to yours before?
  • Do you have a level subfloor? If not, a leveling compound can be purchased to achieve a level surface.
  • Have you checked the moisture content of the subfloor and the new flooring prior to installation? Don't know what this is? Refer to our Laminate DIY Installation Guide for help.

To get connected to a flooring professional in your area who can assist in responding to your questions, go to our Find It Locally search engine located on the homepage.

Install Preparation Tips

Planning: Regardless of whether you hire a professional or do–it–yourself (DIY), there are steps prior to installation that must be taken. First things first: the removal of all furniture, appliances, and area rugs. Protect your furniture from dust and installation debris by designating a secluded spot for these items until installation is complete. Also determine where you plan on storing the shipment of laminate once it arrives.

Time: Before purchasing laminate materials, take the time to research laminate floor types, styles, and options. If installing unfinished laminate flooring, make sure you allow the floors to acclimate (adjust) to the environment before you install. If you're uncertain how long you should wait, just speak with the manufacturer. The period of time it takes for your laminate floors to acclimate often depends upon your environment (humidity levels and temperature).

Full Project Budgeting: Use our financing chart to keep track of your laminate floor budget; this will ensure that you've accounted for the cost of all of the necessary products and materials. Don't forget to add in fees for custom work, accessories, or any other costs accrued for purchase and installation.

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