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Linoleum Buying Guide Installation Questions

Use a Professional Installer or "Do–It–Yourself"?

Installation is a large and crucial part of the flooring process. Are you are planning to hire a professional flooring installer or do–it–yourself (DIY)? Either way, we've got you covered. In this section you will be given specific questions to ask both professional flooring installers and/or yourself before moving forward. If you have chosen to use a professional to install your linoleum flooring, use our Find It Locally search directory to find a certified professional installer in your area. Those wanting to install the linoleum flooring as a do–it–yourself project can review our DIY Linoleum Installation Guide for step–by–step instruction. This installation guide was written by professional installers with years of linoleum installation experience.

Within our complete Installation Questions checklist are important questions to consider such as:

  • What are the best molding types to use for my linoleum flooring?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • Can I install linoleum flooring myself?

Install Preparation Tips

Planning: Regardless of whether you hire a professional or do–it–yourself (DIY), there are steps prior to installation that must be taken. First things first: the removal of all furniture, appliances, and area rugs. Protect your furniture from dust and installation debris by designating a secluded spot for these items until installation is complete. Also determine where you plan on storing the shipment of linoleum once it arrives.

Time: Before purchasing linoleum materials, take the time to research linoleum floor types, styles, and options. If you are planning a do–it–yourself project, also make sure to leave yourself ample time to complete the project. In most cases, DIY'ers under budget their time and wind up rushing the job at the very end.

Full Project Budgeting: Use our financing chart to keep track of your linoleum floor budget; this will ensure that you've accounted for the cost of all of the necessary products and materials. Don't forget to add in fees for custom work and accessories.

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