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Linoleum Flooring Buying & Pricing Guide

Pricing Linoleum

The price of linoleum is determined by several different factors. It's important that you're aware of these differences when shopping in order to get the best deal possible. Below are some of the most common elements that can affect linoleum cost. In order to better keep track of your linoleum flooring expenses, you can also use our print–friendly Linoleum Buying Guide checklists.


Linoleum flooring is available in solid colors as well as detailed patterns. Linoleum floors with more complex designs and colors tend to be more expensive than those using minimal designs and colors.


When it comes to the cost of linoleum floors and materials, brand name makes a difference. Certain brands or manufacturers that have more recognition are generally more expensive than plain label or unknown entities due to their professional reputation, time in the industry, and proven quality product. By default, a lesser–known brand may not necessarily have a lower quality product, but the popularity and therefore usage and proven quality may not be comparable to a company with a well–established reputation.

Linoleum Type

Linoleum sheets are usually the least expensive to buy; however, sheets are usually the most expensive to install, and will require the knowledge and skill of a professional.

Linoleum tile materials are usually more expensive than sheet materials, but installation is generally less expensive. Linoleum tile is easier to install versus sheet linoleum, and can be done as a DIY project. Special flooring adhesive is required for a tile installation process.

Floating linoleum / linoleum click is available in tiles or planks. When it comes to installing linoleum flooring, if you have decided to do–it–yourself, floating linoleum planks are the easiest way to go. These planks literally click and lock together requiring no adhesives, making for a quicker, less technical installation.

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