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Linoleum Buying Guide Floor Types

In this section you can discover the various construction and color styles available for your linoleum floor. Three styles of linoleum construction and four types of coloring options combine to create literally thousands of linoleum styles for you to choose from. Here at, we aim to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can make the most informed decision for your new linoleum floor.

Linoleum Styles

Linoleum Sheets

Sheet linoleum is by far the most popular type of linoleum flooring sold today. This style comes in the widest array of colors and patterns. At six feet seven inches wide, linoleum rolls are very heavy, bulky and hard to maneuver. Rooms wider than 6'7" will require multiple seams, which can be a fairly complex process (professional installation is recommended for this type of installation). A clean and even subfloor free of bumps and defects is absolutely necessary in this type of linoleum installation to ensure a tight and proper fit. Any bumps in the subfloor will eventually show through the linoleum because of its resilient nature.

Linoleum Tile

Linoleum tiles are often used as an affordable alternative to stone and ceramic tiles. Linoleum tiles can be easily installed over an existing floor, provided that the existing floor surface is smooth and secure. Prior to installation, it's important that you allow the linoleum materials to acclimate (adjust) to the environment in which it is being installed. Cold tiles may be brittle and hard to work with. While linoleum tiles are easier to install than linoleum sheets, they are available in fewer colors and patterns.

Floating Linoleum/Linoleum Click

Floating linoleum is the best installation type for those determined to do–it–yourself (DIY). These linoleum planks come in the click lock system, which was first introduced with laminate flooring. The planks literally click and lock together, and require no adhesive. Look for linoleum floating planks backed with cork as this will help to reduce sound levels when walking on linoleum. Linoleum click is usually available in square tiles (12"x12") or planks (12"x36").

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Linoleum Color


Solid–colored linoleum is available in a wide assortment of colors. During manufacturing the color is applied thoroughly throughout the linoleum (from top to bottom), which helps to reduce the risk of color fading.


Designed to look like marble, this type of linoleum can give you the look you love, at a price you'll love even more.


The surface of this type of linoleum features tiny flecks of color. The result is a floor that seems to sparkle. Flecked linoleum is available in many different patterns and colors.


Linoleum is available in a large variety of patterns that range in color and size. Keep in mind that when choosing patterned linoleum, it may be necessary to purchase extra material to be sure the pattern matches up at the seams.

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