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Stone Buying & Pricing Guide

Pricing Stone

The various factors that contribute to the price of stone are important to be aware of before speaking with a flooring retail or installation professional. After reading the information throughout this Stone Buying Guide, this section can help clarify for you which factors affect the price of the stone in your flooring project.


The specific type of stone used for your stone floors dictates a large part of the price point. Some types of stone are rarer or more difficult to quarry, forcing the price higher than more common stones.


Stone flooring with a simple polished finish will be less expensive than stone flooring where more complex finishing techniques have been used.

Country of origin

Stone flooring production costs can vary wildly depending on where the stone flooring is manufactured. If the stone floors are produced in the United States, Canada, or Europe, the final cost (and quality) may be higher than stone floors produced in countries like China, Brazil, India, and Turkey.


Gauged stone has been honed to a consistent thickness and texture during the manufacturing process. Gauged stone flooring is more expensive than stone flooring that has not been gauged.


Calibrated stone is cut so the thickness is consistent throughout.


The process where each tile is finished to a precise dimension allowing grout lines as small is 1/8".

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