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Tile Buying Guide – Installation

Knowing what to ask an installer can save you time, money and overall stress. While many floors can be installed as a DIY project, tile installation usually requires the experience and knowledge of a professional. If you're purchasing eco–friendly tile floors and want them installed in a more "green" way, the advice of a professional may come in hand. Learn more about green floor installation and tile types on

Use a Professional Installer or "Do–It–Yourself"?

We provide a list of things to consider when it comes to installation. Use our Installation Checklist and you'll know in no time whether you will be calling a professional or printing installation instructions.

Within our complete Installation Questions checklist, you will find points to ponder such as:

  • How many similar projects has the installer done?
  • Will the grout take long to set? How long before you can walk on newly installed tile flooring?
  • Does the installer have to return at a later time to seal the floors?
  • Do you have the right type of grout for your type of tile?

Be prepared. Let us help you with the next step; find a local installer by using our search directory at the top of the page or review our Tile Installation Guide for DIY assistance or use our checklists to help you make your best decision.

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Install Preparation Tips

Planning: Regardless of whether you hire a professional or do–it–yourself (DIY), there are steps prior to installation that must be taken. First things first: the removal of all furniture, appliances, and area rugs. Protect your furniture from dust and installation debris by designating a secluded spot for these items until installation is complete. Also determine where you plan on storing the shipment of tile once it arrives. Cutting tile can create a lot of dust. Plan on having an area designated for cutting tile.

Time: Before purchasing tile flooring, take the time to research all the types, styles, and options. Always allow more time for a do–it–yourself project.

Full Project Budgeting: Use our financing chart to keep track of your tile floor budget. This chart will help you to ensure that you've accounted for the cost of all of the necessary products and materials. Like any major project, financial budgeting is a good idea to ensure you can complete the project within your budget.

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