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Tile Buying & Pricing Guide

By now you know that a lot of details go into planning, selecting, purchasing, and installing new tile floors. At the end of the day, you want to feel good about the decisions you made for your tile flooring project. Here are the different factors that can affect the overall sales price of tile flooring.


Tile flooring prices are a direct reflection of the manufacturing cost involved. Porcelain tile undergoes the most processes and is therefore the most expensive.


Glazed ceramic tiles will be pricier than unglazed tiles. Tile can undergo a number of glaze applications; each additional glaze will increase the price.


Tiles are fired in kilns at varying temperatures and durations of times. A single-fired tile will be less expensive than double fired.


A tile with more detail, coloring, or texture requires more manufacturing processing which results in a higher price.

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