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Tile Flooring Buying Guide Where To Buy

Where to Buy Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring Buying Basics

In this section we've listed some advantages and disadvantages to purchasing from your local retailer versus from an online retailer.

Local Retailer


  • In–Person service: Salespeople can help you determine the right type of tile floor for your home and help answer questions you have.
  • See the tile yourself: Being able to see tile up close allows you to see the color and the quality, both important factors. Take several samples home to see how the tile fits with your décor. The tile that got two thumbs up in the store may get two thumbs down once you see it in your home.
  • Easy follow–up: Any questions or concerns with your new tile floors can be addressed over the phone or in person by the same person who assisted you or another employee of the store.
  • On site Professional estimating: Most local retailers will to come to your residence and measure the flooring area to ensure the proper amount of material and accessories are ordered.
  • Installation Services: Many local floor covering stores have in–house installation crews or can refer you to a licensed professional in your area.


  • Selection: You may need to visit several stores before you find the tile that's right for you.
  • Price: Retail stores cannot always compete with online retailers on price.
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Online Retailer


  • Selection: A wide variety of tile is available online.
  • Consumer reviews: Consumers often review the products and the service. You may be confident knowing a particular product or online retailer has rave review.


  • Restocking fee: You may have to pay up to 30% of the total tile flooring cost if you return the tile PLUS the shipping costs.
  • Shipping costs: Tile is an extremely heavy material. Shipping and handling can be very costly, especially if materials need to be returned.
  • Out of stock/discontinued products: Some sites may feature tiles they only have in limited quantities because the tile is being discontinued. Once out of stock, it will be difficult to find that same tile anywhere should you need any titles replaced or repaired.
  • No in–person service: All questions will have to be addressed over email or by phone.
  • Shipping errors: If a mistake is made by either party, this could cause a delay in your flooring project.
  • Incorrect visual: What you see onscreen may not perfectly match the floor tiles you actually receive. Without a physical sample, you won't know what the flooring will look like in your home until you receive the product.
  • No affiliated installer: The online retailer isn't likely to have their own qualified installers in your area. If you utilize an online source for purchasing your flooring and a local resource for installation, there may be more difficulty in getting issues resolved when dealing with two separate businesses. It is a common occurrence when a problem arises on the job site that the installer will blame the retailer and the retailer will blame the installer. If they are not one in the same, how will you get your concerns resolved?
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