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Vinyl Buying Guide Installation Questions

Use a Professional Installer or "Do–It–Yourself"?

Whether you're hiring professional installer for your vinyl flooring or doing it yourself (DIY) you should keep in mind that installation is a large part of your overall flooring project. Decisions you make about installation directly affect the time, budget, and success of your project. In this section you will be given specific questions to consider when deciding to hire a professional flooring installer or deciding to do it yourself (DIY) Use our Find It Locally search directory to find a certified professional installer in your area or review our DIY Installation Guides for step–by–step instructions.

Within our complete Installation Questions checklist, you will read questions to consider like...

  • What is the best underlayment to use for vinyl flooring?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • How much skill is required to install vinyl?

Be prepared. Print our full checklist of helpful questions here and then let us help you with the next step; find a local installer by using our search directory at the top of the page or review our Vinyl Installation Guide for DIY assistance.

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