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Vinyl Flooring Buying & Pricing Guide

Several factors go into determining the price of vinyl flooring. This Vinyl Buying Guide is a fantastic tool for you to gather all the information you need to choose the best vinyl floor for your home. In this section, we take a look at the three main factors that affect the pricing of vinyl flooring.


There are two types of construction for vinyl floors.

  • Rotogravure vinyl: The color and pattern are printed on the surface level of the vinyl only. This is a lower cost and more popular method of production that leaves the color and pattern susceptible to wearing away over time.
  • Inlaid vinyl: The color and pattern go all the way through the vinyl. This makes the color and pattern very wear–resistant.

NOTE: A high quality wear layer such as urethane will allow a rotogravure vinyl floor to endure years of residential use with very little maintenance.


Solid vinyl flooring is more expensive than layered vinyl. The majority of vinyl sold today is layered vinyl.

Wear Layer

The thicker and more protective the wear level, the higher the cost will be. The wear layer on vinyl gives your floor its shine and has a significant effect on its ability to withstand scuff marks and moisture. The three levels of wear layers are:

  • Vinyl No–wax
  • Urethane (PVC)
  • Enhanced Urethane

Descriptions of each can be found in the Vinyl Types section. Generally Vinyl No–wax will be the least expensive and Enhanced Urethane the most expensive.

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