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climate–friendly floors – bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Flooring Type - Bamboo

Most bamboo floor types perform well in mild and temperate climates. For a stronger and more durable floor, choose strand woven bamboo flooring. It can handle wear and tear better than some types of hardwood floors (such as red oak).


  • Performs well in a median climate (a climate where it's not too hot or cold, with no drastic changes in humidity)
  • Can be installed below grade*, on grade, or above grade, however some types of bamboo are not recommended for below–grade installation
  • Bamboo floors are more moisture resistant than hardwood, due to both lamination and their native tropical environment
  • Bamboo flooring is antimicrobial, resisting mold and fungi growth

*Grade is another name for ground level.


  • High humidity can cause bamboo floor planks to expand
  • Low humidity can cause bamboo floor planks to shrink, which can create gapping
  • Pooling liquids can create stain spots on bamboo floor planks
  • Bamboo flooring can fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time

Bamboo Flooring Climate Tips

  • Protect your subfloor with a moisture barrier or underlayment, such as cork or foam rubber
  • Control indoor humidity levels with a humidifier (for low humidity under 40%) or dehumidifier (for high humidity over 60%)
  • Apply several coats of hard urethane finish to enhance your bamboo floor's durability
  • Make sure all areas of your bamboo floors receive the same amount of sunlight by frequently moving furniture and rugs
  • Acclimate your bamboo flooring to the area prior to installation (as recommended by the manufacturer)
  • Protect your flooring by adding UV protection (solar screens) to windows or keeping blinds or drapes shut on sunny days
  • When installing bamboo flooring, leave the recommended expansion gap at the edges of the room and around any fixtures (such as radiator and fireplace)
  • Finishing and refinishing bamboo floors can help prevent and repair climate damage