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climate–friendly floors – carpet


Flooring Type - Carpet

Carpet is less susceptible to changes in temperature and therefore performs well in most climates. However, the combination of high humidity and liquid spills can lead to mold and fungi growth in the carpet and carpet padding.


  • Performs well in all climates except in extremely high humidity
  • Can be installed below grade, above grade, or on grade (grade = ground level)
    Note: Carpet that's installed below grade has a higher risk of being exposed to underground and indoor moisture, which could result in mold and fungi growth.


  • Spills may take longer to dry when carpet is installed in humid areas
  • Carpet may shrink once it has gotten wet and is then dried
  • In high humidity, mold and bacteria can thrive in carpet

Carpet Climate Tips

  • Protect your subfloor with a moisture barrier or underlayment, such as cork or foam rubber
  • If possible, glue your carpet to the subfloor to help prevent moisture from entering between the two
  • Use a dehumidifier to lower the indoor humidity level
  • Thoroughly dry indoor carpet when it gets wet or cleaned by using a fan or dehumidifier. You can also try ventilating the area by opening windows and doors.