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climate–friendly floors – stone flooring

Stone Flooring

Flooring Type - Stone

Stone floors can handle many different climates and types of weather – after all, they're made of stone. Nevertheless, some caution should be taken to ensure your stone floors look as good as they did when they were first installed.


  • A variety of stone floor types are suitable for almost all climates
  • Many types of stone flooring can be installed both indoors or outdoors
  • Can be installed below grade, on grade, or above grade (grade = ground level)
  • Moisture resistant when properly sealed
  • Sunlight will not affect color


  • Unsealed stone floors are not moisture resistant
  • Stone may crack or chip in heavy hail
  • Acid rain can damage porous or unsealed stone flooring

Stone Flooring Climate Tips

  • Properly seal your stone floors, as unsealed stone may absorb water
  • Keep stone floors free from pooling liquids and acidic cleaning products as they could cause damage
  • Use a moisture barrier or underlayment to protect the subfloor, such as cork or foam rubber