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climate–friendly floors – tile flooring

Tile Flooring

Flooring Type - Tile

Some tile floor types are ideal for almost all climates. Many different types of tile flooring can even withstand outdoor conditions, making them a truly versatile choice for the home. Floor tiles are available glazed or unglazed. If you want to install floor tiles outdoors, unglazed floor tiles are your best bet, as glazed tiles can be especially slippery when wet. (For more information on glazed and unglazed, see our section on tile floors.)


  • Some tile flooring can be suitable for almost all climates
  • Some floor tiles can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Can be installed below grade, on grade, or above grade (grade = ground level)
  • Water and moisture resistant when properly installed and sealed
  • Sunlight will not affect color


  • Tile may crack or chip in heavy hail
  • Tile flooring can be slippery when wet

Tile Flooring Climate Tips

  • Choose tile flooring with a high Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rating* for outdoor or wet environments
  • Use a moisture barrier or underlayment such as cork or foam rubber to protect the subfloor
  • Completely seal all grout lines with a high–quality penetrating grout sealer

*PEI ratings determine the suitability of floor tiles for certain areas.