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climate–friendly floors – vinyl flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Flooring Type - Vinyl

Vinyl floors work in a variety of different climates. Vinyl flooring is great for those who want to explore different looks for a lower cost, as it is available in a range of attractive colors and designs. When installing vinyl flooring in water–susceptible areas, make sure the perimeter is properly sealed with a high–quality silicone caulking compound.


  • Vinyl flooring is suitable for almost all climates
  • Can be installed below, on, or above grade (grade = ground level)
  • Moisture–resistant surface


  • Pooling liquids may seep into the tile seams of unsealed vinyl and damage the subfloor
  • Slippery when wet
  • Generally not suitable for outdoor installation
  • Sunlight can affect vinyl floor's color and cause fading

Vinyl Flooring Climate Tips

  • Install a vapor barrier* if you have a crawl space or you're installing over a concrete slab
  • Keep floor color even by regularly rotating furniture and rugs so that all floor areas receive an equal amount of sun exposure
  • Use UV protection (solar screens) on windows or close drapes and blinds on sunny days
  • Seal up any split vinyl floor seams immediately to prevent further damage

*Vapor barrier is a layer of material between the floor and subfloor.