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It's Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight...

Aristocrat Flooring - Bamboo InstallationThe good people at Aristocrat Flooring will tell you flat out that size does matter. In fact, one of their goals is to not grow too large. It is a priority for them to provide genuinely personal service and they get to know their clients on a first name basis - something that isn't always possible with the bigger flooring outfits. When you walk in the door, they see a person, not a customer. That's "added value" if ever there was such a thing!

The Power of Knowledge

From a "nuts and bolts" standpoint, Aristocrat Flooring excels in knowing the hardwood industry "inside and out, backwards and forwards," as they put it. They want their customers to benefit from that knowledge and feel free to ask any question they might have: There is no "silly" question. Not only do they believe in their product and that it will add value and character to any home, but they want their clients to be happy with their hardwood flooring choice for many years to come.

Their Added Extras are Standard Features

Aristocrat Flooring - Hardwood FloorsAmong some of the other products and services Aristocrat Flooring specializes in are a range of finishes, any exotic type of raw woods you are interested in, custom staining, and many pre-finished selections, including hand-scraped choices and pre-finished treads and risers with guaranteed stain match to your pre-finished floors. They also have top-notch crews who install, sand, refinish, patch, repair, and tear out and remove old floors. And they follow a strict "honest answer" policy. For example, if your current floor is water damaged, it may not need to be replaced. The folks at Aristocrat will tell you that and explain your options - and save you a boat load of money. For Aristocrat Flooring, honesty is the only policy.

Make a Booking

While the physical shop and office is located at 9769 W. 303rd Street, Louisburg, Kansas, the Aristocrat Flooring showrooms are at two other locations. Products are shown by appointment only (including after-hours appointments). Give them a call at 913-837-2525.


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