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About Natural Cork

Based in North America, Natural Cork is a distributor of not just cork floors, but also bamboo and hardwood flooring. The company was founded in 1994 as a cork flooring company, but it wasn't until 2005 when they sought to explore other natural flooring materials and resources. It was at this point that sustainable bamboo and reclaimed hardwood flooring lines was added. With much more to offer than just cork flooring, Natural Cork changed their name to Natural Cork & More.

Natural Cork's floors are manufactured in the same region where the cork oak trees are grown: Portugal. It's here that the largest concentration of cork oak trees flourish. Natural Cork floor tiles, underlayments and sheets are produced in factories that have the most updated processes and equipment to ensure high-quality products. They are also treated with an antimicrobial treatment called MICROBAN. This helps ward off the growth of mold, fungi and other bacteria.

Natural Cork's bamboo floors are produced in China and the materials are sourced from Anji's environmentally responsible bamboo forests. Just as with their cork floors, they ensure that all of their bamboo floor products are made according to very specific eco–friendly standards. All of the adhesives, glues and finishes used on Natural Cork's bamboo flooring are also considered green (eco–friendly).

Natural Cork's hardwood floors are manufactured, sourced and processed in the same way as their bamboo and cork floor products. In order to truly promote eco-friendly flooring, all of the wood they use in their flooring products are sourced from forests that meet international environmental statutes. With a Natural Cork floor, you can be assured that the final product that's installed in your home is both top-notch and eco-friendly.



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New Dimensions - Narrow Plank Corte Cork
New Dimensions - Narrow Plank Corte Cork