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About Tai Ping Carpets

Tai Ping is a prestigious international carpet designer and manufacturer with elite clients expanding from palaces and fine residences to casinos, convention centers, airports, restaurants, and even high class yachts and jets. Tai Ping, which means “Great Peace” in Chinese, was founded in Hong Kong in 1956. Since then, Tai Ping carpets have expanded to over 100 countries on three continents. Tai Ping oversees all aspects of the carpet design, manufacturing, and retail sales processes, ensuring not only the quality of their carpet, but the excellence of their customer service. In fact, Tai Ping’s customer service is difficult to parallel. Tai Ping works with their clientele to help select the right carpet design, to measure and plan for the carpet laying, and to oversee the carpet installation process itself. In addition, at the end of your Tai Ping carpet’s lifetime, Tai Ping will arrange for the removal and proper disposal of your carpet.

Tai Ping Carpet Collections

Tai Ping’s many carpet collections include high-end, hand-tufted carpets and pass-tufted carpets that are often hand carved by skilled artisans. Additionally, Tai Ping manufactures their most durable carpets on the Axminister loom called Axminister carpets, which are perfect for high traffic areas.

Many of Tai Ping’s beautiful carpets are made with the rapidly renewable resource, wool, including Tai Ping’s 100% wool carpet tiles. Tai Ping’s wool carpet tiles also have an eco-friendly carpet backing, making them an all-over green carpet choice.

Between Tai Ping’s Atelier and International Design Books, Tai Ping offers over 10,000 unique carpet designs to choose from, each considered works of art. In addition, to stay current with global trends in fashion, design, and art, Tai Ping releases several new carpet collections annually.

Tai Ping’s Commitment to Sustainability

In addition to using rapidly renewable resources such as wool and other green, eco-friendly materials, Tai Ping has an overall commitment to sustainability in all their business practices, from ensuring the health and well-being of their employees, to continually finding ways to reduce their eco-footprint. Tai Ping’s program called Tai Ping Towards Sustainability (TPTS) focuses on the three R’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to protect our planet and our society. For more information on Tai Ping’s high-end carpets and carpet tiles, visit TaiPingCarpets.com

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