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About Timbermate Wood Filler (Putty)

For the past 10 years, Timbermate has been a leader in wood flooring filler. We now distribute our products in most wood supply stores in the United States. Originally founded in Australia, Timbermate sets itself from the rest of the competition by offering the only wood filler that's entirely water-based. This, plus the fact that our wood putty tends to last longer than solvent-, acrylic- and latex-based wood filler makes it extremely viable for the eco-minded consumer.

Benefits of Timbermate wood putty include:

  • Wide range of color tones (e.g. Walnut; Australian Cypress)
  • Highly resistant to change in climate
  • Takes well to planing, nails, drilling and sawing
  • Will not crack or shrink
  • Can be blended with any stain/tint

Timbermate's wood filler can help ensure a successful, and professional hardwood flooring installation. Once your installation is complete, maximize the performance of Timbermate's wood putty by sealing your hardwood floors with a top coat of finish. Contact our Timbermate Chicago office today and ask for a free sample of our high-quality wood putty. To read more about Timbermater Wood Filler, see FindAnyFloor.com's blog "Timbermate Wood Filler".


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Timbermate Woodfiller
Timbermate Woodfiller