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About We Cork

We Cork is one of the oldest flooring companies still around today, founded in the mid 19th century by the Wicander family. Today, We Cork flooring products can be purchased in every state and from nearly all cork flooring distributors in the country. Passed down through 4 generations of the Wicanders' family, the company is currently family-owned and operated by Ann Wicander. Ann firmly stands behind the We Cork products, believing in their resilience, beauty, and most of all, their eco-friendliness. "The use of cork . . . is not just good business sense but a way of life."

While We Cork is an international floor company, they still understand the importance of fantastic customer service. The We Cork team is well-versed in cork flooring and cork products and can help each and every customer find a product that's perfectly suited to their living space.

A little more than half of the cork used in We Cork products are harvested in Portugal, while the rest is sourced from areas like Spain, Morocco, Italy, Algeria and France. Cork flooring is made with the top layer of bark from the cork oak tree. The bark removal process does not harm the tree or the surrounding environment, making it comparable to bamboo and linoleum in terms of eco-friendliness. Once the bark is removed it's left in the forest for several days in order to dry. It is then sent to the factory where it's boiled, flattened, and made into flooring and other materials such as wine stoppers and cork boards.

We Cork Product Line:

  • Cork rolls
  • Cork sheets
  • Cork stoppers
  • Insulation corkboard
  • Cork underlayments
  • Cork floating floors
  • Cork expansion joints
  • Cork floor tiles
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Classic Cork Flooring
Classic Cork Flooring