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area rug glossary

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A flowering plant that was commonly used in the past in India, China, and the Blakans to dye area rug fibers purple, white, or orange.

Sarouk (Serouk)

Area rugs manufactured in factories in Iran that are exported throughout the world.


French area rugs manufactured until 1890 that resemble Persian Kerman. Nowadays, many Indian and Persian area rugs feature Savonnerie designs.


Very durable grass taken from salt marshes that is used to make stain–resistant, anti–static rugs intended for use indoors.


A process of combing area rug fibers to remove shorter fibers, which creates a more lustrous selection of yarn.


A method of applying heat to twisted tufts of yarn in order to "set" their twisted shape.

Shag Rug

Similar to shag carpet, once popular in the 1970s, shag rugs are now being seen as a contemporary rug style. Shag rugs feature a long pile that is usually made of synthetic fibers.

Shah Abbas

An area rug design element that is common in Persian rugs made today. Shah Abbas rugs feature lotus and feather motifs.

Shedding (Area Rug)

Where small fibers leftover from the manufacturing process come loose on the surface of an area rug.

Sheen (Area Rug)

Another word for luster. Area rugs can sometimes be given a chemical wash that gives them sheen.

Silk (Area Rug)

Area rugs made of silk fibers from silk worms have a very luxurious look and feel. They are very soft to the touch and can be used on the floor though they are often used as decorative wall pieces because they are very expensive. Real silk rugs should not be confused with art silk rugs.

Sisal (Area Rug)

A very durable, natural fiber made from the pointed leaves of the Sisal plant. The fiber is used to make indoor area rugs that are coarse underfoot.

Soumak Weave

Complicated rugs that are made using a weft–wrapping technique where extra wefts of colored wool are added in to create a design or pattern.


Designs in the corner of an area rug (often arc shaped).

Static (Area Rug)

Electricity that builds–up from the friction created by walking across an area rug.


Area rug patterns that interlace and resemble straps.


The aesthetic personality of an area rug.


Persian area rugs with a touch of European style that feature elaborate vine designs and floral motifs. Sultanabad designs originated in the northeastern part of Iran.

Synthetic Fibers (Area Rug)

Man–made area rug fibers such as nylon, polypropylene, and polyester.